Travel and Transportation
Advance Solutions Group

Advance Solutions Group

Travel and Transportation industry demands constantly evolving, process improving, technology solutions to simplify business. As a leader in Technology Innovation, Hexaware has established a key business unit named Advance Solutions Group to support these ever-growing industry needs. Our Advance Solutions Group brings together our unique combination of in-depth knowledge and advance skill set in the travel and transportation space, as well as key industry experts to create niche domain products and services.

The purpose of the Advance Solutions Group is to continuously monitor market needs and identify technological trends that would impact the future of our industry. This group will also create common solutions and frameworks that support the economy of scale model and ensure our partners technological readiness for the future.

Next-generation solutions from Hexaware’s Advance Solutions Group:

  • HexEMD – Electronic Miscellaneous Document
  • E-Freight
  • Mobile Apps
  • Business Intelligence/ Analytics
    • Warehouse
    • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
    • Passenger Services Systems
  • Hotel Reservation and Inventory Systems
  • Fulfillment Services (BPO)

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