BI&A Innovation Lab

Business Intelligence & Analytics Innovation Lab at Hexaware has a dedicated talent pool of architects, consultants and developers, who bring an edge to BI engagements by

  • Evangelising through best practices repository
  • Building reusable components, pre-packaged analytics and solution accelerators to shrink implementation time
  • Guiding the implementation teams

We at Business Intelligence Innovation team can analyse your BI environment and help you in identifying and choosing the right internal tools and process frameworks for effective implementation. The usage of these process frameworks and solution accelerators helps in delivering high quality standards and provides significant cost savings for our clients. Some of the well tested process frameworks developed by the Innovation team with standards, templates, deliverables and checklists are :

A metadata analysis tool for BI environments like Business Objects, Cognos, Brio, OBIEE which enables efficient and precise analysis of BI environments for Upgrade, Migration and Consolidation projects. You can save up to 40% efforts.

An automated ETL code review tool to ensure consistency in coding standards across developers, leveraged for platforms like Informatica, Data Stage, Data Integrator, SSIS. Helps you expedite review process up to 90%.

A metadata analyser tool which enables understanding of the table usage, data flow between the tables in an ETL environment and provides a graphical table – mapping dependency view. You can save up to 50% time.

Tool automates the creation of the semantic layer from a simple Excel or XML input to semantic layers like Universe in Business Objects, Framework Model in Cognos. Helps save up to 25% efforts.

A tool used to code – mine SQL scripts and procedures and extract relevant information like Table, Column and the usage stats like Insert / Update / Delete. Clear understanding on the table usage in scripts, time taken to extract table name information for the SQL queries is reduced by more than 90%.

A Report Comparison tool that helps in comparing the data and formatting in report outputs in Excel. Significantly saves the validation / testing time by at least 30%.

An automated security information extractor and creator tool, leveraged for security migration and large security maintenance processes in BO. Helps you reduce large user security migration process by ~50%.

A File Search Utility for Reporting environment that provides the facility to search for reports across multiple folders based on parameters. User time taken to prioritise reports and searching the reports scattered is reduced significantly by at least 50%.

Tool automates the Cognos server environment information gathering process. You save the data collection process by at least 30%.

A MDM Assessment Companion tool that helps in capturing the CRUD matrix for the entities. Defines a framework to capture the CRUD for the entities and jump starts MDM assessment documentation and analysis phase by 25%.

Consulting Framework that assesses 10 critical dimensions in BI environments.

BI Product Conversion framework for impact assessment, object consolidation & automated validation. Helps you save up to 40% effort in upgrades / migrations.

A framework to support concurrent development and maintenance of BI systems.

Business Intelligence Solution for Total Reporting Optimisation provides cost efficient, high – quality scalable model for large – scale enterprise reporting needs.

Framework for Optimisation and Consolidation of Analytical Landscape.

Our analytics on CRM serves both Services and Manufacturing industries. It enables 360 degree customer view for industries like banking and others, helps you retain your customers and therefore increased profitability.

Analytics on HR covering Workforce, Retention, Compensation & Benefits, Staffing, Learning & Development etc. Helps you gain intelligent insights for better HR performance. You can get up to 20% more return on Human Capital.

Analytics addressing the areas such as Shipment discrepancies, Shipment modes analysis, Stock on hand reports, Big Ticket customers, Labour utilisation etc. Helps you monitor your warehouse usage and optimisation while eliminating the guess work.

Analytics addressing the areas such as Capacity Utilisation, Route Profitability, Cargo Segmentation and Demand Planning. This will help you in increased profitability up to 20%.

Analytics focused on operational assets (equipments). Helps to measure and track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) rate for better efficiency and effectiveness. Tracks overall equipment utilisation and helps save costs.

This is based on SCOR framework covering Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return processes, it helps you optimise the supply chain and save upto 40% of the costs.


“We have a large installation of Business Objects with 4000+ reports across versions 5.x, 6.x and XI R1. When we looked at the option of planning for the Business Objects upgrade to the XI R3 platform the very first step we felt we had to undertake was to consolidate the existing environment.Hexaware provided exactly what we needed from the meta data angle and we completed the assessment of the entire environment in a 4 weeks timeframe, including reports in distributed desktops, by applying the tool. Hexaware saved us time, money and above all provided a more accurate means to de-duplicate and consolidate reports.”Project Manager-Leading Airline, UK
,Leading Airline

"Hexaware’s Strategic Mindset of defining a incremental roadmap for the EDW, taking us from a fragmented SQL scripts reporting environment to an integrated BI platform Solution helped us realize the benefits in a shorter timeframe. Hexaware’s innovative approach like Metadata analysis of the existing environment helped us reach the end state in a shorter time frame; there after the ‘Agile Delivery’ of adding incremental set of analytical capability to EDW helped us meet business needs in a rapid way”
IT Director ,Leading workplace service provider, UK

“Many Thanks to the UIT team for implementing this new solution, Exceeding my requirements. The new solution is not only much more secure but also easier to use due to the SSO. Well done !“
Head of Global Security

Head of Global Security ,Services and Compliance, Outsourcing Services, A leading IT Services Provider, US


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