Internet Booking Engine

Internet Booking Engine

IBE, an Internet Booking Engine solution framework developed by Hexaware, is an outcome of our airline domain expertise. IBE helps the travel and tourism industry support online reservation and related services for consumers. Travel services providers can enhance their customer reach through an extended distribution system as well as offer a richer customer experience while leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to reduce operational costs.

IBE implements comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and can seamlessly fit into the airline’s existing infrastructure. Business / IT agility is enabled by externalising the process flows and providing a loosely coupled process design with flexibility to integrate with third party databases such as GDS or non-GDS vendors and reservation host systems. Our solution can be customised to fit into current airline requirements or future changing market needs.

IBE provides an intuitive interface for the customer, making the booking process simple and quick. It uses a relational database to provide flexibility to cache the airline schedule and inventory and fare data for minimising communication with the GDS/reservation host system. The result? A dramatic increase in the speed of the booking engine and significantly lower costs.

Functional Architecture


  • Airline Schedules: Provides customer the ability to search flight schedules
  • Availability by Fare: Customer can select fares and view corresponding applicable flights
  • Profile administration: Provides the capability to use customer profiles (corporate and individual) for improved booking experience
  • Airline Seat Maps: Offers colorful airline seat maps that help customers choose seating in advance and provides a better perception of the in-flight service experience
  • Intelligent Caching: IBE’s local database provides flexibility to cache the airline schedule, inventory and fares data to minimise communications with the GDS/reservation host system and keep transactional costs to a minimum
  • Payment Processing: Connection to third party payment gateways (credit card) and inventory is sold only if payment authorisation occurs
  • Special Service Request (SSR): Configuration of special services and processing
  • Localisation: Multi-lingual
  • Host System: Operates with any legacy host reservation system
  • Customisable look and feel

Key Benefits

  • A complete booking engine
  • Frequently accessed information is cached to minimise access to GDS
  • Pre-filled preferences for existing customer profiles reducing manual input
  • Business / IT agility enabled by Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation
  • Business rules externalised by airline configurable parameters leading to scalability
  • Seamless integration with external interfaces
  • Easy Administration

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