Portal Solution

Hexaware’s Portal Solution is designed to connect the Insurance carrier with its producers, customers, employees and external vendors. It provides centralized access to all of the business information, service applications and tools they need to conduct business in the most efficient and effective manner The Hexaware offering is designed to establish more effective and efficient channel and operational management by targeting the following activities:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Agent and Sales force management
  • Policy servicing including Customer Self Service (CSS)
  • Broker Portal
  • BancassurancePortal
  • Corporate Intranet Portal

At Hexaware we understand that to remain competitive in today’s environment, enterprises not only have to provide the applications that streamline the internal business processes, but also have to makeit easy for the customers to interact with business. Each day brings increased opportunity to increase business in current as well as new markets. To capture that market share you must also deliver a superior sales experience to your potential customer.We understand your needs and those of your clients. We are experts at translating those needs into solutions that work, look great and communicate well.

Hexaware Advantage

The Hexaware Portal Solution for Insurers delivers business value across the Insurance value chain: It delivers to Insurance carrier, its customers and producers:

  • Increased speed of doing business by:
    • Seamless quote creation and policy bind capability to enable faster policy issuance, improved Turnaround Time (TAT)
    • Faster speed to market for: distribution of policies, riders, endorsements; acquisition of policy rate/quote/issue information; distribution of new rates, underwriting requirements and appetites
    • Empower the field force with real-time connectivity for sales and customer support
    • Increased business growth for the insurer through quality support provided by the portal

Ease of doing business by:

  • Reduced complexity of business processes for agents-ease of doing business, speed to market, superior cost management-thereby removing the obstacles to acquiring more and more profitable target market business from key agents
  • Operational efficiencies through: single-channel communications with external partners
  • Linked event-based, cross-functional business processes
  • Reduction in TCO by:
    • Superior cost management including reduced (or eliminated) printing and postage costs for policies, forms, etc. as well as reduced staffing costs for data management
    • Quicker sales and turnaround cycles, more cross-selling opportunities, and higher sales persistency
    • Increased data accuracy; faster decision-making; and reduced back-office staff and administration costs
  • Enhance satisfaction by:
    • Greater user satisfaction and retention through enhanced service capabilities
    • Improved productivity with easier access to information; and
    • Superior customer service
  • Greater security by
    • Increased security by role based access to the portal content
    • Access Control – limit specific types of content and services users have access to